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S&E Coordinators

Big Learning programs may be offered at any school that names a volunteer, or coordinator, to oversee the program for their PTA. This volunteer acts as the liaison between the Big Learning program office and the school community. They promote the program at the school, assist with online registration and payment and help ensure that the program runs smoothly throughout the year.

Parent surveys show that the number one way that parents learn about our program is through paper flyers—this is true even for schools with active listservs and connected parents! Download the fillable forms below.  If you would like to change any of the information on the form please request a revised form and we will email it to you.

S&E Fillable Flyers for coordinators to download and customize:

Standard Pricing S&E Fall Fillable flyer (Schools with FARMS rates below 40%), para español

CSR Pricing S&E Fall Fillable flyer A (Schools with FARMS rates between 40-50%), para español

CSR Pricing S&E Fall Fillable flyer B (Schools with FARMS rates above 50%), para español

Title1 S&E Fall Fillable Flyer, para español


Questions? Please email: science@biglearning.org or 301-244-5254


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