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Who is the PTA Coordinator?

The Coordinator is a volunteer parent who steps up to be the liaison between the Big Learning program and the school’s PTA.

How do you set up a program?

Contact the program office, attend a training and follow the coordinator manual for a step-to-step guide to setting up a program at your school.

How do you decide what program(s) to offer?

PTA requests, parent interest and teacher availability determine which program is offered at each school.

When are FLES classes held?

Classes are held right before or after school on school days only.

When does registration take place?

Registration for classes takes place during the first weeks of school, and is handled by the PTA Coordinator at each school.

Are the FLES classes for students with prior exposure to the language?

Classes are intended for children with little to no previous exposure to the language. However, exceptions may be made based on an individual basis.

Can children participate at a school other than their home school?

Yes, however Big Learning does not provide transportation between schools. We recommend checking with the host school before registering.

Do the programs require homework, tests and grades?

No, the focus is on classroom participation.

Do teachers use a particular curriculum?

Big Learning teachers follow the curriculum for the individual programs, which provides consistency of instruction among teachers throughout the region. Our material is aligned with elementary and middle school curriculum standards.

For afterschool programs, do children go directly to class following the school day?

Yes, children typically walk to the classroom when school is dismissed. There they are greeted by their Big Learning teacher.

If the teacher is sick, will there be a substitute?

The Big Learning teacher will find a substitute from the teaching team if needed during the year. In some cases, classes are canceled and a make-up class will be scheduled.

If class is cancelled for any reason will it be made up?

If class must be cancelled you will be notified by the Big Learning teacher or PTA Coordinator and the class will be made up before the end of the year.

Are there classes on early release days, holidays or on school days affected by bad weather?

There are no afternoon classes on early release days and no morning classes if there is a delayed opening. Classes are held on school days only.