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Partners & Supporters

MCPS contractors come through in a Big Learning way! This winter Samaha Associates, PC underwrote Dive into Dimensions at Harmony Hills ES for 12 first grade students. Students in Dive into Dimensions use the engineering design process to build structures and test their strength. Harmony Hills ES teacher Sean Kinney, who taught the afterschool program, reports that the program was awesome and the students loved it. The students were so enthused that they visited Mr. Kinney at lunch to work on their bridges and towers.
This spring, Performance Controls underwrote a program at Brookhaven ES. Performance Controls had recently completed an HVAC project at Brookhaven and was eager to give back to the students. Fourth and fifth grade students explored the physics of sound and flight in Big Learning’s Good Vibrations program. They built a guitar from scratch and launched model rockets while learning about pitch, tones, frequencies, and the complex auditory system of the ear. Harmony Hills Principal Shahid Muhammad is eager to bring Big Learning to Brookhaven again next year.
Contractors Gipe Associates, Inc. and EMJAY Engineering and Construction Company, Inc. also provided scholarships for individual students at Glen Haven ES in their winter Dive into Dimensions session. Big Learning knows that students at Title I school have fewer opportunities for afterschool enrichment and is extremely grateful for the support these MCPS contractors provided to over two dozen students.